What We Do

What We Do

HYPD offer an array of incredible video game services to suit all players,  regardless of ability.

We’ve established our eSports scene from grassroots - putting the player
experience at the very forefront of the tournament structure & setting.

Meanwhile, our Virtual Reality & retro gaming experiences are designed to transport & entrance, throwing the gamer into the heart of the action, or offering an unmistakable feeling of nostalgia.

Here’s our full range of products & services. 

HYPD Arena

The signature video gaming experience. HYPD Arena is a thrilling & immersive attraction which has been previously installed at major tourist sites such as Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre & THORPE PARK Resort.
HYPD Arena includes our bespoke retro gameplay arcade, next-gen console lounge, UNIVERSE Virtual Reality Experiences, HYPD Legends eSports Tournament & Twitch Livestream Viewing Centre. 

HYPD Legends

Unforgettable competitive gaming. HYPD Legends is our leading eSports initiative which invites players of all ages & abilities to compete for gaming glory. Delivered in a leaderboard format, gamers are enabled to take part & record their best scores for the chance to scoop incredible prizes & ultimate bragging rights. Games previously featured as part of HYPD Legends include Fortnite, Apex Legends, FIFA 19 & Project Cars 2.

UNIVRSE Virtual Reality

Otherworldly & innovative gaming. UNIVRSE Virtual Reality enables players to step inside the game, thanks to the unmistakable excellence & ingenuity of VR softwares. Featuring the latest technologies, gamers can experience an unparalleled sense of immersion as they explore vast worlds, overcome waves of enemies & much more. Games previously featured as part of UNIVRSE Virtual Reality include Beat Saber, Richie’s Plank Experience, Arcade LA Deadzone, Project Cars 2 & Job Simulator.

Twitch Livestream Broadcasting

Unlock incredible new audiences. HYPD’s leading Twitch channel, @HYPDLive, is an official Twitch partner; granted to unprecedented branding & promotional access such as key homepage spots & targeted demographics. With an array of amazing original content captured & broadcast, it is a supreme platform to market from.




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Fortnite, FIFA 19 and many more!


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